Slitter scorer,  Auto thin blade slitter scorer

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Slitter scorer, Auto thin blade slitter scorer

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Carton Machine for small quantity

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This machine is PLC+HMI control, can finish auto feeding, slotting, cross scoring, angle cutting, trimming, H cut, V slit and die-cut in one time pass.


Application: 3ply, 5ply corrugated cardboard.

Advantages: Simple operation, quick set-up, size change in seconds, greatly shorten set-up time and improve efficiency.

Function: This machine is PLC+HMI control, with carton/cardboard program, can finish pre-scoring, slitting, scoring, trimming in one time pass. Self-lock blade holder, auto adjust blade, pre-scorer and scorer, accuracy ±0.5mm, auto/manual grinding knife, auto trim/ no trim, auto roller gap, has counter and order memory etc..

Operation: Choose box type, input carton info, blade, pre-scorer, scorer and roller gap are ready to do production. 

Productivity: Hundreds of small quantity orders per day.

Set up time: 1-30 seconds. 

Memory: 300 orders.


Slitter scorer

Slitter scorer

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