The Influence of Carton Forming Process Factors
Addtime: 2022-08-12

1、Effect of Surface Finishing on the Quality of Paste Box

The influence of surface finishing is mainly shown in the full plate glazing and film coated products after printing. For such semi-finished products, it is difficult for the adhesive to penetrate the gloss oil layer and plastic film to reach the paper, so the bonding fastness is not very high. In this regard, some pasting machines are equipped with edge grinding devices to grind the surface layer of the bonding area, but this is difficult in the process. Therefore, many manufacturers try to avoid the adhesion when glazing and laminating, and only polish or laminating the local parts of the carton products.

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2. Influence of die-cutting process on box shape

The cutting process of the cutting machine also has a great impact on the box shape. The hand made die cutting plate is relatively poor, and the specification, cutting and machete of each part are not well understood. At present, the manual plate making is basically eliminated and the carton intelligent cutting robot is selected. However, sometimes the problems of whether the size of the anti lock fastener and the high and low line is set according to the paper quantity, whether the knife line specification is applicable to all the paper thicknesses, and the height of the die cutting line also affect the effect of the carton pasting. Among them, during indentation, the paper fiber will be deformed due to pressure. If the indentation line is too shallow, the paper fiber may not be fully compressed. Due to the elasticity of the paper itself, when the two sides of the carton are formed and folded back, the notch at the opening edge will expand outward, forming the phenomenon of opening opening.

3. Effect of Process Parameters on the Quality of Paste Box

In actual production, the process parameters should be set reasonably in order to avoid the occurrence of faults such as inaccurate adhesion, insecurity, degumming, overflow, and sticking. The factors to be considered generally include the characteristics of the paper material, the size of the opening, and the surface processing. The pressure after pasting the box shall be subject to the firmness of the box and no indentation (especially in order to prevent scratching of special paper, such as gold/silver paperboard during the forming process, pay attention to the reasonable adjustment of the pressure), and the gluing amount shall be determined mainly according to the width of the gluing edge of the box. The larger the opening number of paper, the thicker the thickness, the higher the flatness, the more complex the process, and the lower the working speed. The specific parameter settings need to be determined according to the actual situation.

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