Three main processing points of carton packaging products
Addtime: 2022-08-12


With the wide application of carton packaging products, what are the processing points of carton packaging products? Next, the manufacturer of Jingou Packaging Machinery will introduce it to you.

1、 The first thing is to know the size of your product. If it is a small product, you do not need to use a larger carton. The appropriate size can avoid shaking from left to right and better protect the safety of the product.

2、 The carton processing equipment factory reminds us that when purchasing cartons, we must master the material of paper. Some businesses seem to be very cheap, but the packaging paper used is not good. If such cartons are used, they will be easily damaged due to turbulence during transportation.

3、 It is also important to know what type the product belongs to. If it is fragile, you should choose thick and hard cartons, while ordinary cartons can be used for general products.

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